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BullFlow Booster Pump

BullFlow Booster Pump

· Advanced impeller design cuts electricity use by up to 25% 

· Takes up less space on the equipment pad

· Suitable for all pressure cleaners requiring a booster pump

· Stainless steel shaft with ceramic seals built to last 

· Dual voltage 115/230 switchable 

· inlet and outlet 1 inch 

· Ideal replacement for all pressure-side Booster pumps

· Takes up less space on the equipment pad


Boost the efficiency of your pressure cleaner with the efficacy of CIPU new booster pump--The Bullflow Booster Pump. The powerful pump greatly increases a cleaning systems ability to propel and circulate water, providing the power needed to thoroughly clean your pool. The CIPU booster pump uses up to 25% less electricity than other booster pumps and is remarkably quiet. Suitable for any pressure cleaner .

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