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Company Profile

We Are Splash Pool

Founded in 2005,Splash POOL&SPA Technology,trading as Ningbo Splash Pool Appliance Co.,Ltd.has achieved remarkable international milestones in the residential swimming pool industry.Started as the OEM manufacturer for the North America big-brands,Splash now is proud to provide a one-stop purchasing solution for business partners with technologically advanced pool equipments&products including filter system,water pumps,cleaning equipment,disinfection system,heating pump,surrounding equipment,pool fittings.

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”The ideal pool products
manufacturer you can count on“

With the vision of"The ideal pool products manufacturer you can count on",the company has invested 6%of its sales annually in product research and development,production automation,and information transformation since 2012.It now has more than 60 middle and senior technical personnel to realize products Self-production rate exceeds 95%


We are technology-driven company.We have over 60 senior technical engineers whom have dedicated to pool products for decades.Since 2012,the company has invested 6%of annual turnover in the R&D departments.Currently CIPU holds over 46 patents in various swimming pool products,and has became one of few Chinese pump manufacturers who is capable of manufacturing pumps enjoy the American energy efficiency compensation/premium.


With 15 years of rapid development,CIPU now has establish two production bases consist of injection molding workshops,blow molding workshops,extrusion molding workshops,motor&hardware workshops,mold workshops,aluminum piping workshops,assembling workshops with total production area more than 100,000 square meters.All these strengths have elevated company’s self-productivities to over 95%.

Quality Control

Since the establishment,CIPU has always adhered to normative,standardized and scientific management concepts.The company has passed ISO9001,ISO14000,ISO18000 certifications,as well as global market access certification like CE,CCC,ETL,SAA,GS